Raspbian for Windows

  • Paid
  • In English
  • Version: 4.9

Free Software for LINUX Distribution

Raspbian is a special LINUX distribution tool that is available to download and use. The software is aimed especially at LINUX users who want to have a wide range of tools right at their fingertips so that they are available as and when they need them.

A Different Type of Fruit

Anyone who already has Raspbian Pi will be able to start using this smart software straight away. However, it should be noted that the Pi version is required and anyone who has not taken the time to purchase and install it will need to make sure thar they look into doing so. In effect, this software presents users will a whole host of tools and the way that the tools are presented and arranged makes them very easy to locate. With a very slight learning curve and a little patience, users should find that they are ready to get started.

You Get What You Pay For

With its ease of use and free download available, many users may find that it is worth taking the time to put Raspbian through its paces. However, it should be noted that people who take advantage of the free download that the creators of Raspbian offer will not be treated to any software and those who want to take advantage of the large number of software applications that are available will have to pay for them.


  • Free to download and use
  • Packed with tools


  • Limited software package
  • Need the full Pi software first

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Raspbian 4.9 for PC

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